Wireless communication

Wireless communication technologies of Internet of Things

Connectivity solutions are booming for several years and France is a major actor in this area, particularly with SigFox and LoRa and technologies.

It is difficult to see clearly in the tens of different wireless communication solutions with their characteristics and their own areas of application.
Initially experts in Bluetooth® and Bluetooth® Low Energy, we have expanded our areas of expertise in order to propose relevant solutions to your project.

Our expert masters the following technologies :

bluetoothbluetooth smartthreadSigfox alpwiselorawifi

Depending on your project, you should choose the right technology. We propose to support you in this choice respecting your needs and constraints.

For example, here are the possible application areas for the following technologies :

  • Sigfox et LoRa : smart city, logistics, agriculture, industry
  • Thread : Home automation

For the different kinds of Bluetooth® :

  • Bluetooth® : Headsets and speakers, computer peripherals.
  • BLE : beacons / Ibeacon, health / medical devices, wireless sensors, remotes, mobiles applications and IoT devices.

For information, here is a representation of the differences between low-power wireless technologies on speed and range level. Visit our blog for more information on the different kinds of Bluetooth®.

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If you need help choosing the right wireless solution, please contact us.