Medical, health and fitness

Track and analyze your health via applications and Bluetooth® Smart devices.

New technology improves complex medical processes by making them both more simple and more reliable. Bluetooth® allows applications that facilitate the patient’s analysis and medical care.

Doctors can now track a patient remotely and react in real time if there is an emergency. Eventually, the use of these new tools will enable the early detection of possible diseases and increasing the efficiency of treatment offered to patients following the data history provided to doctors.

Trackers and Bluetooth® Smart applications are also highly acclaimed in sports: connected watches and connected wristband dominate the sport and fitness smart devices market by replacing true mobile coaches. Often connected to a mobile application, these objects convey and interpret various data (number of steps, walking speed, movement etc.) and advise users on their goals and ways to achieve them. These smart objects have already conquered many professional sportsmen (swimming, tennis, football, golf …).

Alpwise is a member of Medic@lps cluster which brings together companies from biotechnology and medical technologies in Isère.
Having set foot in medical technologies through the Pharmapack project with Flextronics, we want to actively participate in the technological revolution in the medical sector by joining Medic@lps.

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