Automotive 4.0

Driving a car has always been a very strong convergence between security, comfort and fun.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is profoundly changing the automotive industry by offering new features to users.

The car of tomorrow exceeds its utilitarian function to increase the client user experience. It becomes connected, smart and autonomous.

The hundreds of sensors embedded in vehicles will produce data used by companies to improve the user experience: your vehicle will be able to submit advertisements and adapted content. Insurance are the first to take advantage of tracking devices by offering preferential rates following the driving of the user.


Its data will also be shared with other vehicles: the car can change your route if a “bad” driver is spotted there. Autonomous, your car will go shopping or go get your children to school.

The Google car, a self-driving car, is already circulating since summer 2015 in the US.

automotive 4.0 - google car - automobile 4.0 alpwise

The benefits and opportunities of the IoT in the automotive industry are considerable. Ultimately, it should help reduce accidents and improve traffic fluidity, management of carbon emissions and new sales and marketing experience.

Here are the IBM forecasts for the connected car in 2020:

Connected application N°1
250 million connected cars
350 MB of data / second
90% software / 10% hardware