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« Our expertise for your electronic project »

Internet of things designer (IoT), our expertise in the wireless communication field allows us to offer you a customized IoT solution closest to your needs. We develop complete solutions for our customers, integrating electronic and software parts. Scalable by design, our solutions accelerate the time to market of your products.

We can step in as consulting when choosing the most appropriate technology for your needs, prototyping (POC) during the feasibility studies, provision of software and hardware development, and technical support.
Our services cover many areas through a network of qualified industrial partners. Our design house is a turnkey solution to serve your project.


The dual skill Hardware – Software of our engineers allows us to build scalable solutions.


Our rapid prototyping phase allows you to minimize the risks of your project while optimizing the time and costs associated to it.


We optimize the energy management and the autonomy of your products through our extensive experience in low power radio.


We follow stringent quality processes, especially in demanding sectors such as medical (ISO 13485 and 60601 EMC).

We divided our actions in several stages on which we can act globally or individually. From conception to industrialization, we accompany you on all stages of your project. We are “force of proposition” in both industrial B2B and mass-market B2C.

Step 1 : The project analysis

We propose to study your project as a whole including design and mechanics with the help of privileged partners (Stiplastics).

The purpose of this step is to clarify your needs and technico-economic constraints to choose a suitable and innovative solution. Starting with your specifications (functional or detailed), we carry out a feasibility study in order to minimize the risk of your project while optimizing the time and costs associated to it.

The results of this study are detailed in a document summarizing the action plan, the software and hardware architecture and the energy balance that we deliver to you.

Analyse - project analysis alpwise

Step 2 : The electronic design

We carry a first design (layout) of the PCB (CAD) and we choose each embedded components.
Electronics design is a key step : with our expertise, we can optimize the energy management of your object based on the selected components.

Conception - electronic design

Step 3 : Prototyping

Prototyping is usually done in two phases :

  • PT1: By respecting the specifications, we will make a first functional prototype then we test following the acceptance specifications previously established. In this step, we integrate the constraints of mechatronic design.
  • PT2: Depending on the results of Phase 1, we will adapt and optimize our previous choices to achieve an optimal second prototype.
Prototypage - prototyping alpwise

Step 4 : Industrialization

We ensure the preparation and monitoring of qualifications end certifications (Radio, safety, EMC) essential to the industrialization of your products according to the target countries. The transition to an industrial mode of production also involves automated and robust test.

Industrialisation alpwise

Depending on your needs, we can realize your prototypes but also take over the mass production with our industrial partners. We choose local and trusted partners depending on the area and production volumes to offer you the best value for money.

fcc logo industrialisation
ce logo industrialisation

Step 5 : Technical support

We offer technical support to help you manage all post-production problems (deployment, integration…) if necessary. The support is provided by direct contact via phone and / or by e-mail with the engineer who manage your project.

Support technique alpwise