For Alpwise : 2016 is the Year of IoT

For Alpwise : 2016 is the Year of IoT

Happy new year and best wishes to all of you for 2016 !

CES IoT alpwise

As the last years, 2016 started for Alpwise at the CES in Las Vegas.
With a Booth at the Eureka Park, in the middle of the French Tech tribe, it was a great opportunity to meet our customers and share our IoT strategy for the coming years.

Well recognized technology actor of the IoT world, Alpwise will focus on its main strengths through two line of business :

Wireless Protocol Stack IP provider. Alpwise is a leader in Bluetooth® Smart protocol stack Software and provides all the required protocol levels, from Link Layer, Core Stack and Profiles. Our software is qualified by the Bluetooth SIG and released after passing high quality tests. 2016 will see the extension of our IP activities to other wireless technologies for home appliance, long range communications, with low consumption and in combination with energy harvesting.

• IoT Designer. Thanks to a complete skilled team on Radio Frequency, Protocol Stack, Qualification, Hardware and embedded Software Design, and associated with a famous Designer, Alpwise provides reliable and optimized development capabilities to create the IoT products of its customers. We manage the product life cycle of our customers from development to production and we presented at the CES products designed for customers, the smart FindMe glasses from iHuman, and FemTo Smart from Happlink.

For your benefit, in 2016, Alpwise team will be more IoT wireless solution provider than ever…

Happlink - femto smart alpwise

Renesas announces its partnership with Alpwise

Renesas electronics announces verified Software Add-on Program to expand  IoT capabilities of Renesas Synergy Platorm thanks to the BLE stack developped by Alpwise.
New Renesas Synergy Platorm gallery lets Alpwise showcase BLE software on Renesas MCU.

Check it out !

Alpwise at the l’UnPlugFest #53

The Alpwise development teams will test its Bluetooth Smart stack 4.2 at the UPF#53 in Atlanta next week. This event organized by the Bluetooth SIG has the purpose of improving interoperability of Bluetooth enabled devices.

Bluetooth SIG website for more information.