With the announcement of Bluetooth® 5.0, Alpwise prepares the future

bluetooth 5.0 et 4.2 alpwise

With the announcement of Bluetooth® 5.0, Alpwise prepares the future

Alpwise announced the qualification of its Bluetooth 4.2 software


Alpwise, Bluetooth® Smart protocol stack (or “low energy”) worldwide leader, and Internet of Things (IoT) Designer, announces the qualification of a new SDK suite, compliant withBluetooth® specification version 4.2.

The Alpwise BLE Host SDK provides a full Bluetooth® low energy single mode host protocol stack, with relevant profiles and services, to ease the development of Bluetooth Smart Devices. The ALPWISE BLE protocol stack can be bundled to any Bluetooth® single mode HCI radio controller, and integrated into any CPU/OS environment. A wide range of profiles are already available, and the list can be completed upon request.

The Alpwise BLE Link Layer SDK is an efficient and configurable implementation of the Link Layer and HCI protocol layer, which can be integrated into any Radio/CPU/OS environment, sized and optimized to achieve performance and low power consumption. Alpwise provides support services for the integration into customer specific environment.

Alpwise protocol stack and Link Layer are among the first to be qualified Bluetooth 4.2, including all the Bluetooth® 4.2 new features like Secure Connection and Extended Data Packet Length.

Both part can be used separately, or bundled to provide a complete Core implementation (from Link Layer to profiles).

The SDKs provides a full simulation environment on PC, with all the Test Cases, as a reference for further validation and qualification.

Our software is developed by using source code quality tester, applying process and coding rules from medical devices and automotive industry, to improve its robustness, and make it suitable for BLE chip maker expecting high quality level.

This new version has been designed to ease the evolution to the recently announced Bluetooth 5.0 release.

“Our purpose is to enable Silicon IP Vendors and Semi-conductors to achieve a faster time to market, ease chip evolution, provide the best IoT design experience, with a robust, reliable and performant Bluetooth Smart protocol stack, bundled or integrated into their BLE Radio” said Serge Veyres, Alpwise CEO.