Apple iAP2 protocol

The Apple iAP2 protocol (iPod Accessory Protocol) is used in Bluetooth® communications between iOS devices and wireless accessories such as dock stations or car adapters. This profile enables to exploit Apple specific features.

This second version of the Apple iAP protocol was presented along with the lightning connector and is implemented in Apple devices since 2012 (iPhone 5).

The use of the Apple iAP2 Profile allows your Bluetooth® accessory to wirelessly interact with any iOS devices to (partial list) :

• Play control of iOS devices
• Transferring metadata information
• Transferring contacts information
• Add communication between the accessory and applications running on the iOS
• Act on iOS device settings
• Send HID report
• Receiving media information
• Receiving call information
• Send RAW data

Protocole Apple iAP2 alpwise

Alpwise iAP2 stack certified by Apple