Bluetooth®5 Link Layer

The Link Layer is the first layer of the Bluetooth® Low Energy protocol stack which controls the radio and the timing of the Bluetooth® communication. Our Link Layer is Bluetooth 4.2 fully featured qualified and is already compatible with all the new features of Bluetooth 5 .

The Link Layer has three possible configurations according to your needs. It can work:

  • In HCI mode (BLE controller)
  • In single chipset (with the BLE host stack)
  • In co-processor: another microcontroller chip uses Bluetooth® Low Energy by ACI layer.

Features :

  • Adaptable on any RTOS and MCU
  • Mesh Ready : allows to adopt several simultaneous roles  (Advertiser/scanner/master/slave)
  • Bluetooth® 5: High throughput, Long Range and Advertising extensions

Requires :

  • 2,4 GHz radio
  • 32 bits processor
  • Low Power timer
  • Low power management
  • Encryption
  • Random generator
  • Cryptography

Alpwise has developed a Link Layer simulator on PC that allows to develop and debug more easily this IP software, useful for tracking changes in the Bluetooth® specification.

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