FOTA : a tailored solution to simplify updating your firmware.

The Firmware update Over-The-Air (FOTA) allows you to edit and update an embedded firmware without physical access between two devices via the Bluetooth® Smart radio link : an Updater to a Updatable (a smartphone to a smart object for example).

Benefits :

  • Reliability
  • Ease of use (iOS, Android, PC…)
  • No need for physical access
  • Elimination of maintenance costs of an object network widely distributed.

The embedded firmware is divided into two parts :

  • A fixed part which contains the Alpwise Bluetooth® low energy protocol stack, the FOTA profile and various applications that don’t require updates.
  • An updatable part which contains the client application client and profiles requiring updates. It’s this part that FOTA updates.
FOTA-firmware update alpwise

The Updater part of FOTA is available on PC, smartphones and microcontroller.

FOTA Updater - firmware update alpwise