BlueWiseLE® software tools

The BlueWiseLE® complete environement includes the following software environment tools to implement a single-mode Bluetooth® Smart compliant protocol stack into any embedded product.

BlueWiseLE complete environment

Tools and details


  • ACI Tester: Tester on Pc which executes Python test scripts to validate ACI interfaces of the ACI Parser integrated into Chipset, or on PC.
  • BLE Host Stack & Profiles Qualification Tester: Tester on PC, controlled by PTS Tools from Bluetooth SIG. This tester enables to validates and qualify the implementation of the Host Stack and Profile in full compliance with the Bluetooth SIG specifications. If not yet implemented by the PTS, Alpwise provides the additional tests to reach the completeness of the Bluetooth SIG test specification (1200+ tests executed).
  • BLE controller Qualification Tester: Tester on Pc, to validate and pre-qualify the full compliance of the BLE Link Layer and HCI implementation upon the Bluetooth SIG test specifications. The tester can execute the tests for the 2 configurations: implementation on the hardware, or on PC through the BLE Controller Simulator (310+ tests executed).
  • BLE Controller Simulator: Powerful tool which enable to run the link Layer and HCI on PC and includes a simulation of the radio.