Bluetooth® 5 Stack

schema stack BLE

The BlueWiseLE® development kit provides all necessary software for implementing a Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack (Host stack + Link layer).

Our software are robust, with a small memory footprint and easily portable on any microcontroller and RTOS.

Alpwise already provides many MCU ports from diverses manufacturers including ST-Microelectronics, EM-Microelectronics, Nordic Semiconductor, Dialog, Freescale – NXP, Atmel, Silicon Labs and Renesas. For more information, look at supported architectures tab.

Our protocol stack is qualified and includes many profiles specified by the Bluetooth SIG. The protocol stack and the profiles are updated based on Bluetooth SIG specification improvements.

The Bluetooth SIG consortium defines several profiles that specify how to implement a defined use. You will find below a list of profiles developed by Alpwise already available and qualified.

available-profiles-Bluetooth stack Alpwise

The BlueWiseLE® stack has three possible configurations following your needs :

  • BLE HCI Stack configuration
  • Single chipset Stack configuration
  • ACI Stack configuration