Alpwise, Software Editor
specialized in Bluetooth® protocol stacks

Alpwise is the world leader in the Bluetooth® Smart (“Low Energy”) stack software publishing. We have developed several software that enable you to integrate Bluetooth® technology into your products.

We are involved in several collaborative projects enabling us to keep a high level of Research & Development. Our experts have participated in the development of the Bluetooth® Smart specification.
As an associate member of the Bluetooth SIG, we are closely following the fast developments of Bluetooth® standard to bring you the latest features available.

Our software offers

Each of our software comes with complete and accessible documentation for its handling. We can complete our offer with a reactive support service provided by our expert engineers.

Our offer includes the BlueWiseLE®, our Bluetooth® Smart protocol stack compact and efficient (Host Stack + Link Layer), the Wizard, our rapid prototyping software, Bluetooth® software certified Apple (iAP2 and ibeacon) and several Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) owners profiles such as FOTA (Firmware update Over-The-Air).