Are you ready for the new Bluetooth 5 technology?

Are you ready for the bluetooth 5

Are you ready for the new Bluetooth 5 technology?

Alpwise, a leading Software Editor of Bluetooth® protocol stack, announces the availability of its new Bluetooth 5 SDK suite, the BlueWiseLE 5 SDK.

The Bluetooth 5 specification, marks a new step in the era of the low energy connectivity world.  Twice the speed, four time the length, and height times the payload capability, the Bluetooth 5 enhances the capacities of IoT applications and services.

A full software Bluetooth stack 

The Alpwise Bluetooth 5 stack consists in Controller (HCI, Link Layer), Host protocol stack and 20+ profiles, which can be integrated into any CPU/OS/Radio environment. Developers can also benefit from Alpwise proprietary profiles such as Firmware update Over The Air (FOTA), or Voice Over BLE.
This full software implementation, which does not need digital baseband, eases any further evolution with minor change, or even no modification of the hardware, saving time and money for semiconductors.

An exhaustive Bluetooth test toolThe BlueWiseLE 5 SDK

It provides additional modules to handle a full simulation environment on PC, and execute the complete list of Bluetooth tests, defined by the Bluetooth SIG specifications, necessary for the validation and qualification of a Bluetooth Chip. BlueWise test tool, provides a full Bluetooth qualified reference, and an exhaustive test bench to validate any Bluetooth chip configuration: HCI modem, BLE co-processor with the Core Stack and Profiles integrated, or as Application Processor. This is the perfect test environment, bundled with the Alpwise Bluetooth Stack, to save time and money during the development of a Bluetooth chip and reinforce the quality process.

BlueWiseLE complete environment

“As the Bluetooth 5 which aim to revolutionize people experience about the IOT, Alpwise wants to speed-up the time to market on designing Bluetooth 5 chip with a full software implementation, and flexible to ease further evolutions” said Serge Veyres, Alpwise CEO.