Consumer electronic

Bluetooth® audio solution for MP3 docking station and mobile accessories

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Secured data transfer for medical, and healthcare, devices and low energy sensors.

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Beacons and sensor network allowing measurements and logistics tracking systems.

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Intelligent Building systems

Indoor navigation and mobile traffic analysis

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Bluetooth® Low Energy Mobile Applications SDK and profiles.

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Car kit and Audio Entertainment for a full automotive Bluetooth® solutions

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Alpwise, your expert in Bluetooth solution

With Alpwise, find your Bluetooth® turnkey solution:
Alpwise is an innovation company focusing on ultra low power radio technologies, embedded applications and connected sensors applied to the Internet of Things (IoT) for the consumer and industrial market including indoor navigation and positioning (Beacons & Hubs). The company Alpwise develops its own full-featured Bluetooth 4.1 Smart stack and firmware for Bluetooth audio & data modules. The large in-field deployment  makes our products extremely reliable.

Members of the Bluetooth SIG consortium since 2007, Alpwise experts participated in the development of Bluetooth® Smart specification.

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